Clothing Line of an Artistic Student

Artist Natalia Delatorre recently created her own clothing brand called “Grosicey”, inspired by many other artists she decided to sell her clothing on her website.

Ever since Natalia was in middle school, she turned to art whenever she was bored & realized that it was something she enjoyed doing. She filled many journals with drawings of her surroundings. 

“ I always thought I was a weird and introverted person & I didn’t want to express that side of myself”.  Said Delatorre.

As soon as she got to highschool she explored the artistic side of herself. 

“ I told myself, you know what? Screw it! If I’m weird, Imma embrace the hell out of it. Why hide if it’s who I am”. 

She then started creating artwork that shined a light on her personality. One of her paintings features an evangelical angel with blood tears showing how she perceives beauty in dark circumstances.

“ I try and express a part of myself in every drawing to show the people who I am”. Said Delatorre.

She has enjoyed painting so much that she decided to try to turn her art into profit. At first, Natalia was very stressed with the creation of her website. She needed to organize her time to balance school, work, & her new business. Fortunately for Natalia, her parents supported her dream. 

“At first my mom was skeptical,” recalls Delatorre. “But [my mom] then realized that this is something I’m truly passionate about and got on board with my plan”

Natalia explored different perspectives on how she wanted to promote her clothing. She decided to have photoshoots downtown with teens wearing her clothing as they were skateboarding. According to amateur model Josue Favela, who modeled some of her clothing: “Natalia’s clothing is very cool & comfortable it’s like streetwear & I highly recommend it to everyone”.

But Natalia still has loftier ambitions for her art. “I want to be able to create different things with my art and go beyond clothing and start creating jewelry and beanies”.