Tunes with a Purpose


Everywhere you go, you hear songs and melodies being played in cars, streets, stores, gyms, and in schools. Without a doubt, you hear at least some sort of music in your daily life.

But who are the people who make music? Sure it’s Drake, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and all the big stars, but there are people behind the scenes making the beats and melodies for these artists big hits. Making beats is hard and time-consuming but you don’t have to be working with the biggest stars to be making beats. 

Omar Juarez, or Omar Bmar, a senior at West Leyden, is a music producer. He makes music from his home and on the occasional visit to his friends, who also make music.

He’s a full-time student with a job on the side, working at Bargains in a Box, a discount store, and still manages to make music every day. “For me, it really isn’t so hard to balance music and school. Even though school and work can get in the way sometimes, I still manage to make time for music.” 

Omar Bmar has been making instrumentals for about 2 years now seriously but has been making it ever since he was 13 and has been in love with it ever since. He’s passionate about it and his end goal is to be making music every day as a job.

“I would love to travel to play shows, meet new people, and just knowing that people who listen to your music can be impacted or just discover something new that they have never heard of and fall in love with something new. That’s the goal” 

He makes beats with guitar, piano, and synths, but with every project, it is an experiment for him and he loves to try new things. “Experimenting is a big part of creating for me musically.”

Omar’s music process is also a big part of him and it helps distinguishes him from other music producers. He takes 10-15 minutes if it’s just instrumental, but if it has more instruments it goes from 1-2 hours and that can turn into weeks. “I tend to go back to the project a lot to try and make everything sound perfect.” 

Music means a lot to Omar. If he wasn’t making music he wouldn’t know what he would be doing. He’s made good friends off of his whole experience and wants to go above and beyond with it.

“Music changed my life. I feel that the music made me a more open-minded person, to experience new things and appreciate the things we have and love.” 

Omar would appreciate it if you went and checked out some of his work. It can find him on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc, under the name of Omar Bmar. Be sure to check him out and show him some support!