Bowling Time with Mr. Aylward


Standing tall and proud at the stardust bowling alley, Mr. Aylward observes his fellow bowlers in awe, feeling proud and thinking how far his passion for bowling has come and how much of an influence he has become to his players.

Mr. Aylward started his bowling career at a young age alongside his siblings. His father placed him and his siblings into leagues up until the 8th grade after seeing their potential, then he would just do it for fun. 

 He started to drift away slowly from bowling in high school due to bowling teams not being available at his school, but that didn’t stop him from playing.

If in high school he could barely make time for bowling, it became 10x times harder in college as he had to stop bowling to make time for other things.  

 It wasn’t until he became a teacher at Leyden that he started to bowl again,  where there was a need for a bowling coach. When getting back into the game, Mr. Aylward found himself with some challenges, “The technology totally changed and now the game is completely different than it was when I was a kid.”

Regardless, he always finds himself with new challenges due to the always evolving nature of the sport and technology of the equipment involved. It keeps him on his feet and always needing to move forward.

 With coaching comes a great responsibility to try to make players feel motivated and feel happy with their accomplishments. Mr. Aylward strives to do such with his students. “He takes your weakness and makes it your biggest skill,” said Kassidy Allen in regards to his coaching. 

“Bowling is a skilled based game you have to learn a technique, you have to think about the strategy that is involved’. Being a lifelong sport, he prepares to move forward with the sport as it evolves and changes as his life does.