Mysteries About History

Do you enjoy spooky history, true crime, and mysteries? Do you want to uncover the stories that are right here in your neighborhood? A new club at Leyden promises to do just that, but there are still very many mysteries about it. 

To find out what was below the surface, freshman Social Studies teacher Mr. Chaidez, the club sponsor, spoke to shine some light on this mystery of West Leyden.

“History Hunters is designed to be YOUR club”, the club flyer states,

 “The idea behind it is to explore and investigate parts of history that are interesting and important to US. We will share stories having to do with conspiracy theories, haunted history, and true crime.” 

 Talking to the club sponsor Mr. Chaidez, his goal is to expose people to personal, interesting history to show that it is not always your “dry” class subjects. 

“Once I got into the classroom, I kept trying to find different ways to bring history that people would be interested in that’s not necessarily your George Washington, your Abraham Lincoln, things like that”, Chaidez states, “At the end of the day, history is just storytelling… Everybody is a historian, everybody knows stories that other people don’t know”.

After sharing his own spooky stories to his classes with great interest from students, he wanted to create a place where students could do the same and perhaps discover their own. 

When asked why they joined the club, Senior Liz Segura stated, “I loved hearing stories my family told me when I was younger, and when I heard about this club I was extremely interested in not only sharing my stories but to hear and discover stories from people and places around me. It just makes life more interesting!”

History Hunters meets every Tuesday in room 214 starting at 2:35 and runs through 3:00. There is a second session for freshmen starting after ACCESS, running to 3:25.

To end it off, Chaidez says, “Come if you’re interested in learning about cool stories and if you like listening to interesting stories, you should definitely come to History Hunters. You’ll hear some really cool stories, investigate, and be able to tell your own as well.”