Halloween Safety

Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time for the candy and the long walks! Although Halloween is full of fun and candy, people tend to get lost and sometimes in trouble. So here are some tips on how to have fun on Halloween the safe way! 

Going with a group of people is not only recommended but always more fun. Try setting up plans with family or friends and don’t go alone. It’s dangerous and it will most likely be boring. We asked Anthony Rojas, a middle schooler at Mannheim middle school, what his plans were for Halloween and if he’s planning to go alone. “I’m going to go trick or treating with a bunch of my friends right when we get home from school. It’ll kind of be boring if I go alone. Plus it’ll be super scary, so no screw going alone.” 

There are millions of kids that take part in this American tradition and with street crossing to hit the best houses, accidents are bound to happen. To prevent a car accident you should always walk on the sidewalks or side of the streets. Often you see people walking on the streets or cross to get to the other side without considering there could be a car coming. If you want to cross you should wait until you get to a crosswalk to safely trick or treat. 

Don’t wear costumes that obscure your vision. Often many falls and trips can happen and can lead to serious injuries. Edith Arellano, a senior at West Leyden said she’s worn a mask that didn’t let her see her 8th-grade year. It didn’t go well for her or her face. “I wore a clown mask that was too big and didn’t let me see well. Ultimately, I was walking and tripped and fell right on my face on the cement!”

You should always know the neighborhood you’re in, in case of an emergency. It’s going to be a cold snowy Halloween this year, so wear some warm clothes and costumes, get some good candy and have a Happy Halloween!