France Meets Leyden: Students Get A Taste Of What Our Community Is All About

This past week, students from La Perverie school in France got the opportunity to get a feel of what life is like in America. Leyden students opened up their homes to provide each of the 25 exchange students with a first-hand look into the life of an American student. 


During their time in Chicago, the students were given time to engulf themselves in our community life as well as take several trips downtown to places such as Navy Pier, the Willis Tower, and the Signature Room. “A difficult part of planning was organizing a program that my students would like,” said Monsieur Herrou, English teacher at La Perverie. Through these field trips, students were able to see and visit attractions that are not available to them in their part of France.


Visitors also got a chance to live a day like a Leyden student by shadowing their correspondents through a school day and their after school activities. Coming from a small private school in France, Monsieur Herrou explains how extracurriculars are limited to only a few options including dance, lacrosse, choir, and a few others. 


In addition to the activities, a major difference pointed out by many of the students involved the teacher-student relationships at Leyden. “In France, there is no relationship with teachers. In America, the students and teachers are very close,” explained Elise Coulon, a student participating in the exchange. 


As the trip comes to a close, Leyden and La Perverie look forward to continuing this exchange and the many memories and friendships that come out of it.