How Old Is Too Old To Go Trick-or-Treating?

October 17, 2019

Everyone loves to see little vampires or princesses at their door on Halloween night. But when is it time to hang up the trick-or-treat bag?


The preteen/early teen years seems to be a popular cutoff for trick or treating, and some towns have begun capping the trick-or-treating age at 12, or anyone in grades seven or below. Violations of the law are considered a misdemeanor. Parents or guardians accompanying their children on their Oct. 31 rounds are allowed to be out, but can’t wear a mask of any type.


In many cases, trick-or-treaters use Halloween as a way to express themselves through costume, makeup, and masks. 


In an interview with nine-year-old David Duenas, he stated, “My favorite part about trick-or-treating, is seeing all the different costumes, and receiving all the different kinds of candy.” 


Most teenagers that go trick-or-treating don’t dress up anymore, and they are “ruining the spirit of Halloween”, according to local mom Jory Eaton. 


Jory also shared her opinion on older kids treat-or-treating, stating that “Ultimately it’s up to them. If older kids want to trick-or-treat it is fine, as long as they are doing it in a responsible way.” Many times younger kids are seen accompanied by older kids as a form of security, and at the end of the day, most people can agree that we are thankful for those older chaperones. Many cities around the Leyden community do not have age restrictions and some teens not ready to hang up their candy bags. If you want to dress up and festively request candy from your neighbors, do that. Have all the sweet fun, while you still can.

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