Sleep is important!


Throughout the school year, many students tend to forget how much sleep they should intake due to assignments, extracurriculars, and stress. The average amount of sleep a person should get is 8 hours. As I questioned two people with two different backgrounds to give their perspectives on what they think is most logical.


  According to Mr. Vasquez, he believes that “students should receive eight hours of sleep at the minimum would be ideal.” Just because studies have shown that the more sleep that an adolescent can get, the better it is further functioning in terms of their brains’ physical and emotional well being.


 For example, if you don’t get enough sleep it’s hard to focus and stay on task. Which makes it easier to procrastinate or put things off to the side. Once you get home you are most likely to want to take a nap or do other things that are not school-related. Mainly, because you are mentally exhausted. More so, homework becomes a big factor when students lack sleep due to staying up late or studying for a test the next day. 


 “As well as stress in terms of personal and social relationships can lead to lack of sleep because you are focusing on other things and it becomes difficult to shut off your brain and unwind. But the biggest one is technology. Being on the phone on social media or Chromebook. Takes at least up to an hour to be able to go to sleep after you put your electronics away.”


Ultimately, Mr. Vasquez states “it would be beneficial for students to start later in the day just because they would be able to get some more rest. But on the other hand, many students would not take advantage of Wednesday’s late start. And on Tuesdays would go to bed earlier to catch up on sleep.” 


            Similarly to Janitssa Maldonado, she agrees with the scientific fact about getting 8 hours of sleep every night. More specifically, “I definitely believe in that, because when I’m tired and I get two or three hours of sleep the next day, I cannot function and I don’t know what’s going on in class.”


“So when I do get enough sleep, I always feel one-hundred times better.” But many students like Janitssa are involved in extracurriculars and have jobs, don’t receive as many hours as they would like. But she did mention that she does value in-service days on Wednesdays because she gets more hours of sleep.


Although some students have their own routines set, many continue to lack sleep which is why it is important for students who have more than one priority in their hands to manage their time wisely and be ready for the next day!