The Importance of Reporting Threats

School is supposed to be a safe place for students. Students spend 7 plus hours in school a day, so you would think they’d do their best to keep administrators informed. Many students do not report threats because they are afraid. Lately, a lot of schools worldwide have gone through extremely scary situations because they failed to report threats. 


The new reporting tool, “Safe to Speak Up”, is available through the Leyden Website or by clicking on the above image.

Students here at Leyden now have access to a resource, “Safe to Speak Up”. This is something that is used to report anything that they see or hear. Many people don’t think a threat means much, but reporting it can really help. “ See something, say something, don’t worry about being a snitch, communication is key… Don’t ignore it like you think it isn’t going to happen. Let us know and you can always be kept anonymous,” stated Officer Pesoli. People refuse to report threats because they don’t want to be a snitch, but with this new resource, they will now be able to report things anonymously. 


Most students at Leyden are very grateful that administrators were able to add that resource for us because it will help police and administrators react faster when needed. Angela Rangel, senior here at West said, “I don’t think there will be less threats but I do think things will be known quicker. Technology helps get the message around quicker.” The website will definitely cause many threats to be reported but will not stop threats as a whole. If someone is gonna do something, they don’t care about getting caught. 

Students are finally going to feel like they can report anything at any time without having to worry about their names being put out there. They won’t have to worry about the other students calling them snitches or getting into problems for reporting a problem. This new resource will hopefully improve our school’s safety and decrease the problems here at school. So don’t be afraid, speak up.