Spotify vs. Apple Music

A majority of people like listening to music, whether it be in the shower, car, their room, everywhere and anywhere when given a chance for many different reasons. The big question, though, is, what platform they choose to listen to it on, Apple Music or Spotify? 


After talking to a student, they had said they prefer to use Spotify over Apple Music because, “It’s easier to make playlists, share music with your friends, easier to find music, you don’t need to have an apple product to use it, and it’s free.” Another student who prefers Apple Music said they, “Chose it over Spotify because there was a longer free trial, it was cheaper than Spotify at the time by a dollar, and it came with the phone rather than having to install Spotify.”


Both Apple Music and Spotify have their ups and downs depending on your preference on how you like to receive your music, but in the end, it is always up to the person and how much their willing to spend or do for the entertainment of it.