Drugstore vs High End setting sprays: Which one is the best choice?


Setting spray is an essential part of any makeup routine. There are two opinions on this step though, buying an inexpensive or a more expensive one. The Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray retails for $33, which is on the more expensive side. The NXY Dewey Finish setting spray retails for $8.50, the less expensive of the two. But the real question is: which kind is actually better, All Nighter or NYX?

Daisy Tinoco, a senior at West Leyden, is a user of the more expensive All Nighter. “I used the All Nighter one because I heard really good reviews about it from my friends and online. It usually lasts me all day even with oily skin,” Daisy says. This setting spray has 4.0fl oz, which is an average fl oz side of setting sprays. But, as Daisy and the online reviews say, it keeps makeup on with any skin type and really lasts all day. With 4.8 stars on the Urban Decay website, the All Nighter setting spray is a hit.


The NYX setting spray, the much cheaper of the two, has 2.03fl oz, and has 4.5 stars on the NYX website. Lesly Perez, also a senior at West Leyden, uses the NYX and loves it. “It makes my makeup last all day and it’s very light when applied,” she also says, “I needed a setting spray and it was affordable.” The NYX is very popular because it was a drugstore brand, which makes it more on the affordable side.


Both setting sprays last a few months depending on how often a person does their makeup, and both work well according to both the website and the seniors interviewed. As for which is the better choice, the decision is ultimately up to the consumer.