Hot Hallways

The passing period is one of the worst times of the day. Is it because people stop and talk in the hallways? Is it because couples are always displaying PDA? Or is it because the school hallways are always hot and humid. Think about it, you get up extra early in the morning to look cute, do your hair, maybe your makeup, pick out a cute outfit, and by second period your hair is frizzy, clothes drenched in sweat, and makeup starts running and why? Because the hallways are so hot and humid. West Leyden has air conditioning in the classrooms, but not in the hallways. I asked a few students around West Leyden to ask them what they thought about the air conditioning.

One student, Andrea Aceves, stated “ the hallways are very hot and humid but sometimes the air doesn’t even work in class so it is hot in there too. And if it isn’t hot in the classroom then it is freezing”. To find out why the school’s heating and cooling system was like this, we went to Randy Olinski, West Leyden maintenance foreman.

Olinski informed us that “some halls are not air-conditioned, back in the 90″s we received Airport Noise Grants to soundproof the building, which only included where students were being taught. So the halls never were incorporated in that project. Since then the 100, 140, 150, 160 halls became air-conditioned as we did major remodeling of these areas. Going into future projects we hope to continue this”.

He hopes that one day the whole school will be air-conditioned. While that answered the hallway question, that leaves us wondering what’s up with the individual room temperatures? Randy stated that the maintenance department controls the temperatures around the school and they have a set temperature of around 72-74 degrees. But he also told us that other factors play into it as well.

He stated that “some staff request to have their rooms colder and some staff prefers warmer”. The thermostat reacts as the staff and students enter and leave the rooms, so a contributing factor could be the doors being left open because people may be going in and out of the room very often. Many contributing factors can change the temperatures in the hallways as well in the classrooms.