West Leyden Ecology Cleans The Beach Homecoming Morning


Saturday, September 21st, to many, it was Homecoming day. While many students were preparing for that, various other students decided to help the environment out.


Leyden students took a bus downtown early Saturday morning to clean the beach as much as possible. Everyone who was part of this trip is part of Leyden’s Ecology Club. Whose purpose is to increase awareness of environmental issues and to work to improve the environment.  

They annually take a trip to do beach clean-ups, because it has become such an environmental problem. Kiara Valenzuela spoke about how, “we can prevent the water from getting dirty by helping clean up is much is possible because it affects the animals living there due to materials getting into the water.” 


Along with Kiara, many students believe in helping the environment and therefore is way they go on these trips to clean up because they believe in a cleaner and safer environment not only for themselves but for society as well.


“Being able to do something amazing for the environment while still having fun with friends was what I enjoyed the most about cleaning up the beach before homecoming,” Jesus Meza said. 


Even on Homecoming morning it’s great to see that Leyden students are always giving some time for the benefit of the environment. 


Ecology club not only does these beach clean-ups but they do various things such is cleaning up forests, parks and other places. For more information on how to join this club, visit the West Leyden web page