Certified Nurse Assistant Opportunity at Leyden

Leyden students are offered a wide variety of classes that suits one’s interests. Ranging from fine arts classes, mechanics, metals, woods, etc. The list goes on. One class that stands out from the others is the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class.

The CNA program is a class offered that allow students to leave campus to get hands-on experience with nurses in different areas of hospitality in a nursing home or hospital. They work at a college class pace and meet 3 days a week.

CNA students work alongside certified nurses learning basic skills that any nurse must acquire in different fields. Students also get the opportunity to assist real patients with their needs while using real medical equipment.

CNA student Amber Gandar states, “It’s something completely new, It’s a college class in a college setting so I’m excited and curious how this class will become once we start doing clinical work and work with nurses in a professional setting.

This class is one of the more demanding classes available at Leyden, but having this exposure could provide benefits for those interested in going into medical fields of work in the near future.