How a local band is helping keep rock n’ roll alive


Inspired by the likes of various famous bands and musicians such as Randy Rhodes, Ozzy Osbourne, and Green Day, a local band formed by a group of Leyden students and graduates are hoping to spread enjoyment through their music.

Tainted Vinyl, featuring Leyden senior Jacob Garcia, along with Leyden graduates Nico O’Donnell, Anthony Tomas, and Manny Almendarez formed to showcase their love and talent for their favorite music and even make music of their own.

“ We wanted to form a band to find an outlet to express the love we have for music, and to grow together as musicians, “ said O’Donnell.

Furthermore, when asked what he’d hope people could gain from their music, he added simply, “ A good time and enjoyment”.

The band formed in May 2017 and has since played and written various songs of their own. Along with that, they’ve also played several gigs, which according to the group, are mostly at parties and gatherings – however, they also play small venues within the Elmhurst area.

Among the other inspirations to form this band, the group also finds inspiration infamous guitarist, Jimi Hendrix. Whom of which was well known for his rock n’ roll sound. Which is exactly the kind of music Tainted Vinyl plays and writes?

“ We write our songs following the punk rock and 80’s rock genre, but we also cover songs from bands that play the same genre, “ Almendarez said.

Recently, they’ve been writing a small EP they plan on releasing in December, which you can find updates on their Facebook and Instagram. They’re looking forward to releasing music of their own and sharing it with everyone to enjoy, and also hoping to grow as musicians and write more music to share as time progresses.