Answering the Popeyes vs. Chick Fil A Debate.

In the most recent battle of “best chicken sandwich” The Lancer took a deep dive to find the real truth.

Fueled by social media, chicken sandwiches have taken over. The uproar is about the well known fried chicken chain Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, and their brand new menu addition. A competitor, Chick Fil A, only added more fuel to the fire. 

In an outrageous Twitter war, Chick Fil A claimed to be the originators of the chicken sandwich (as seen below). Once Popeyes got involved things took a turn for the worst. With representatives for the companies “beefing” over chicken on Twitter, soon a competition unfolded on consumers hands.

chick-fil-a twitter postAfter speaking with a West Leyden Student who had tried both sandwiches, they said, “when comparing both sandwiches, Popeyes just has more to offer”. 

When comparing to VERY similar sandwiches, that both are enjoyable, the differentiator is a crunch that Chick Fil A simply can’t provide. The Popeyes sandwich not only is moist but somehow provides 

The tides seem to be swaying towards Popeyes with the community. Not to mention, at a majority of locations it is not uncommon to have the entire stock of sandwiches sold out. The nearest Popeyes location on Mannheim Rd. just recently put a sign up labeling that there are no more sandwiches left. Those craving the sandwich are facing the full effect of supply and demand. 

If you take a deep dive into the anatomy of both chicken sandwiches they are seemingly identical. One priced at $3.99 the other $3.55; there is not much separating the two sandwiches. The deciding factor on which is superior is up to the buyer.