West Leyden Blue Crew


Interested in showing school spirit? Join the new thriving club at West Leyden called Blue Crew!

This new Blue Crew club was founded here at West by Ms. Kusmanic. When asked why she wanted to start this club at West, She stated, “There has always been a Blue Crew club at East, but never at West. We wanted to start one so that West students would get more involved in supporting athletics.”

The East campus has had their version for a while, and when wondering if West and East will collaborate on events, She stated, “We are definitely going to collaborate with East on events, themes for games, pack the places, senior nights, etc. Because our teams have athletes from both campuses, we want to be united. We see ourselves as one “Leyden Blue Crew” rather than “West” and “East”.

Many went and checked out a meeting they were holding and were excited to hear what Blue Crew had in store. Students from all different interests like athletes, academic, music, and TSI joined up, making this club a huge success at the West campus. Their first event was Pack the Place for the Varsity boys soccer where students, team players, and coaches had great feedback from the event. Blue Crew is hoping to do more fun spirit-related activities in the future to help build excitement for other Leyden events.

Even though the club has been off to an amazing start, Ms. Kuzmanic still voiced some doubts about the club, saying, “ Whenever you start something new, there is always a fear of it not working out. We did a lot of recruiting and advertising for the club and got a phenomenal turnout. In our first year, we have over 75 members.” But even so, excitement still thrives through the club for the future. “I am super excited to get the student body more involved in supporting athletics. We currently get a large crowd for 1 or 2 of the bigger sports, but there are some sports that almost no one attends.” Says Ms. Kuzmanic. “Our main goal this year is to make it to every sports Senior Night and support every Leyden team.”

To see where the Blue Crew will be next, make sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram and listen to the announcements for the upcoming Blue Crew meeting. Go Eagles!