New Teacher at Leyden – Mr. Dariel Chaidez


Daniel Chaidez was a student teacher at West Leyden for one semester last year, but now he is an official teacher in the history department for the 2019-2020 school year.

Mr.Pluchar was Mr. Chaidez cooperating teacher during his student teaching and recognized his development.

“He got more confident and more comfortable in the classroom which I think allowed him to try out a lot of different things that he was hoping to accomplish,” said Mr. Pluchar.

As Leyden will be his first school to teach he mentions why he wanted to work here.

“I chose to work at Leyden because I love the students my co-workers the administration everybody does a great job at what they do and it’s something I wanted to be a part of,” said Mr. Chaidez.

Now as a teacher things are different for Mr.Chaidez. He will have to learn to be on his own without anyone telling him what to do and how to do things.

“Having my own classroom is very different because I have to make all the decisions on my own, come up with everything on my own, and decide how I want my classroom to work,” Mr.Chaidez said.



As one of the youngest teachers at Leyden, many new opportunities and experiences are provided.

“Teaching at a young age could be difficult because I’m only like 4 years older than some of my students but it is helpful because I get to relate with them which helps in like finding different ways to teach” Mr. Chaidez responds.

Octavio Bahena, a student in his class, mentions that “he’s pretty chill and very patient”.

While Mr. Chaidez continues to grow and develop as a teacher he will face many adversities. Whether or not Chaidez can overcome these adversities will determine if he fits in amongst Leyden’s great teaching staff.