Student Council: Homecoming


As Leyden’s fall events are approaching, this year’s Homecoming coordination is assembled by the Student Council. This year’s theme is ‘Around the World’.

The visual goal for the decoration involves wooden direction signs given to each student to creatively design names of locations from all around the world.
“Everyone did a phenomenal job at dedicating artistic detail and embracing different styles,” said Jocelyne Quintero

On Thursday, August 22nd, several students took part in the process of decorating in the auditorium. The distribution of diverse capitals and cities around the world were given to students for their wooden direction signs. Along with the preparation of cut-out airplanes and outlined buildings to further embrace the ‘Around the World’ theme.

“I feel I’m most excited about sharing my love for involvement and how much fun getting involved with the school. As well as making more leaders” said Kiara Valenzuela

“The ‘Around the World’ theme for this year was decided through the influence of the broad and diverse ideas it’s able to offer for decorations, along with the collaboration with East Leyden,” said Max Gonzalez

With the authorization from Dr. Ruffolo and the help from Student Council Leaders: Kiara Valenzuela, Kimberly Celis, Elle Engelke, Maritza Valle, Maximus Gonzalez, and Carolina Duenas, the plans for Homecoming continue with vigor and spirit.