Drum Majors


We dive into the hardships, and responsibilities that come with being a drum major for our high school marching band.

“It’s tough trying to get the drumline and the band to follow us. Some people are so immersed in their music that they don’t bother to look up at us, and the band ends up falling apart.” Two-year drum major Delilah Lewerenz said.

Being a drum major means conducting a marching band of 225 kids into performance. Whether it be at the Fourth of July parades, the first football game, or the annual Cedar Point parade the drum majors are always ready to lead the band into greatness. That being said this position comes with a lot of responsibility and hardships.

“Mr. Miller relies on us to help run each rehearsal, we always have to be paying attention to every detail. We have to be at every rehearsal or else the band won’t function as well “ Delilah said

“ We are like Mr. Millers “right hand” so we have to be running the band just as he would. We have to be very formal in being in charge and make our instructions clear to 200 kids at all times.” Madison Humanicki another two-year major continues.

Drum majors are chosen based on leadership, punctuality, preparedness, professionalism, and passion.

Delilah Lewerenz and Madision Humanicki
Delilah Lewerenz and Madison Humanicki on August 28th during evening marching band rehearsal.

“We want students who love the band and have Leyden Pride!! Our drum majors also need to serve as leaders of the entire band and are there to help set an example for new and returning students alike.” Ms. Kott one of the two marching band directors sheds more light on the subject matter

“Drum majors have a different type of responsibility. There tends to be a “chain of command” for marching band, and the drum majors are just one level below the director in terms of leadership. If there is ever an instance when a student needs help and the directors are not available (we have 225 kids and only two teachers!), the drum majors will step up and take charge” She continues.

This is both Madison’s and Delilah’s second year as drum majors. Last year they were both pre-game drum majors, this year they are half time.

When asked about how being in this position has helped her grow

Delilah said “It has definitely improved my leadership abilities and helped with my confidence. Leading a band of 200 kids, there is no time for anxiety or to care what other people think.” she proceeds with “I have become a much better musician through this as well… While I am not playing my instrument as much, knowing how to conduct and the hardships that my directors have had to face has helped tremendously.”