Varsity Cheer Makes Leyden History by Going Coed for Competition


For many years, Leyden has always had an all-female competition cheer team. This year is the first year that the Leyden cheer team goes coed, meaning boys are allowed to compete with the team.

The team, being coed will be facing several difficulties, because there is a change in necessary skills for this division, to receive high scores. Being coed, the boys are expected to incorporate more advanced tumbling skills, along with being able to pull off difficult partner stunts on their own. When looking at other high schools with coed cheer teams, their skills are a lot more advanced than our team. But they have also been a coed team for several years, so having experience helps them know how to get through struggles they face. Leyden, however, is new to this and everyone is learning as they go through the season.

Leyden has three dedicated boys on the competition team. One of them being Angel Lopez (Senior), and he shared with us his opinion on some struggles he thinks he’ll encounter, “I think my struggles will be in finding confidence in my abilities compared to the other, more refined tumblers, that will be competing.”

Even with the division change this year, the team is still dedicated to working the hardest they can to get to the level of other schools.

Head Coach, Dana Thomas says, “I have the same very high expectations. We are going to be very competitive this year and I knew that before we made the coed decision.”

With that being said, things are looking positive for the cheer team. The boys have been training since the beginning of the summer to improve their stunting skills. After several weeks of hard work, Adrian Medina (Junior) is proud to say, “It just takes time and patience to watch and learn, and with the help of that I have accomplished a couple of skills & I’m working on advancing more.”

All of the boys are continuing to work hard to improve their tumbling and stunting skills for the upcoming competition season. And the rest of the team is working just is heard and encouraging one another to make it the best season it could be.

The 2019-2020 Varsity Competition Team is making Leyden History with this new and exciting journey as a coed team.