2021 Documentary Shorts

Welcome to West Leyden’s 2021 Journalism Shorts. Beneath you will find documentaries explored by our staff covering a variety of topics and styles – ranging from a mom’s cake-baking business, several student’s “quest” to exercise during the pandemic, some pool hall sharks, the turmoil and joys of teenage pregnancy, to constructing friendships over videogames. Within these docs students investigated the world around them, the people they are closest with, and the value of their own passions. We hope you enjoy the shows!

Isabel Morgan & Estefania Villalobos – Fitness journey
Patryk Kogut & Darius Cirton – Gym Rats
Genessy Ortiz – It’s Bliss
Bianca Herrera & Viviann Orozco – The Windy City
Breanne Deutscher  – Mining Friendships
Emely Monarrez – Baking Adventure
Fernando Camarillo & Anthony Borzewski – From Pool Boys to Billard Men
Alan Vazquez – Recruiting/process in college soccer
Kiara Fuentes – Keeping up with “K”
Nicole Duenas and Dalia Diaz – The Pandemic
Jesus Palma & Javier Pina – Gaming Tendencies: Palma & Javi
Emily Collier – Life in a Headset
Kassidy Allen & Adrian Medina – Warning Game Loading
Edgar Rodea – The Life of Anime
Yadira Lara – The Life of an Immigrant
Haley Janusz – A Kid Raising a Kid

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