La Realidad de un Músico

It all began at the age of 8, inspired by the famous Keith Nieto, a former member of Polo Urias and now a current member of “La Maquinaria Norteña” who plays the saxophone. Cesar Martinez Arroyo began what is now his career in Norteño music playing the alto sax. 

Left (Angel Gomez), Middle (Kieth Nieto), Right (Cesar Martinez Arroyo)

It’s been a long tough road for Cesar to get to where he is now, playing for “La Realidad Norteña.” Research has shown that about 90% of artists are undiscovered. Along with that, they struggle with finding a group where they fit best. 

At the age of 15, Cesar joined a group called “Tamborazo Rancho Alegre,” playing with them for 1 year. After leaving the group due to personal financial problems Cesar actually created his own band called, “Tamborazo El Granero.” Creating a new group from scratch, and finding people to join is already hard enough but Cesar says, “the hardest thing when I made my own band was keeping up discipline within the group because some didn’t really care or knew the importance of practice.” With that being said Tamborazo El Granero lasted about two years. Soon after the end of this band, Cesar joined a new group called, “La Realidad Norteña.” In which he is still a part of to this day.

The genre of music La Realidad Norteña plays compared to the first two bands Cesar played for is quite a change. In a tamborazo they use instruments such as saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and they also use snare drums a lot more consistently, the music is focused more on instruments, instead of relying on vocals. Now comparing a tamborazo to a norteño group, a norteño does have a singer but includes instruments such as saxophones, accordions, drums, bajo sexto, and bass. So with the change of genre Cesar also had to continue to learn a variety of ways to play his saxophone in order to play at the group’s standards. 

La Realidad Norteña has been in the fame lately due to their recent music video release, “Pudrete” on February 14, 2020. The new single was released on a variety of platforms such as youtube, Spotify, Facebook, and other social media.  After being viewed by many people, everyone has their own opinion, Jailin Romero an avid listener of this group says, “I enjoy listening to their music both live and streaming because the instruments and voice really come together.” Not only has their music been getting more acknowledged but the members such as Cesar have also been on the receiving end of fame. However, fame does not change Cesar.

Outside of that Cesar is currently studying to receive a license to be a financial educator in a business company called WFG. Cesar’s planning on using this and going to college to study digital media arts to become an audio engineer and record in studios. 

Cesar says, “I continue to play music because this is something that I truly love doing and I see my future doing big things in the music world.” Hard work and dedication is the key to reaching your goals, which is what has brought Cesar to such success.