Certified to Serve: TSI and A+

CompTIA’s A+ is a certification that goes a long way to ensure success in a young IT professional’s career. Leyden students have been working diligently for months now to pass this test. Both campuses offer this $340 exam for free for students in TSI (Tech Support Internship).

Nancy Miramontes

A+ is an entry-level computer support certification. This certification teaches the basic functions of a computer, security measures, repair options, IT support, and overall use of technology. This specific certification is divided into two portions; 1001 and 1002, each taking up to 90 minutes to complete.

Jonah Bas, a senior at West Leyden says,  “I recommend studying for this certification because it is a great way to be introduced to basic skills of technology to be a computer technician.” Jonah passed the exam and received his A+ certification Junior year and is planning on using it to find a job right after graduating high school.

People who are A+ certified are more likely to receive a higher salary, with entry-level positions starting at $18/hr. It also has a larger base of career choices, giving employers several advantages of hiring A+ certified personnel.

Jonah is one of many TSI students who received their certification. Before taking the exam, there is a lot of studying that these students have to go through to achieve a high score in order to pass. Studying for A+ is like a job. Students have to know how to juggle schoolwork, extracurricular activities meanwhile making sure they are studying to pass the exam. 

Preparing for the A+ exam is extremely time-consuming, with a variety of topics being covered in each exam, there is a lot to learn.

Laylani Wilson, an East Leyden senior who is involved in a variety of afterschool activities says, “ I use the majority of my class time as well as outside of school to study as much as I can. In general, passing this exam while having AP classes and extracurriculars is all about time management.” Laylani passed the first portion of A+ her first semester of senior year and is currently hard at work studying to pass the second portion of the exam.

To receive the A+ is a huge step in the door for any prospective IT professionals.