We Are Week

We Are Week

A new Leyden tradition is being brought upon us starting February 24th that will consist of four days to celebrate the diversity between the Leyden community. Each day is focused on some aspect of our diversity but filled with reminders of our commitment as a family. 

Student council is part of making this week an amazing Leyden Pride week and have everyone feel included no matter how students express themselves. During this time, many clubs such as Best Buddies and On Common Ground, are also helping out by selling merchandise promoting each club.

Felix Celestino, a senior part of On Common Ground, mentions how they are preparing for LGBTQIA+ Tuesday. 

“On Common Ground is selling our LeydenPRIDE shirts for $12 and different types of LGBTQ+ and Ally stickers for $0.50 for students who want to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community“.

Our main goal is to demonstrate the diversity of our school and community. Cultural Monday will be an overview of the different cultures we are all surrounded by. 

Maximus Gonzalez mentions, “Students will wear clothing representing their country, colors, and/or flags. 

Also, this Leyden Pride week will include Wednesday Service Day. During this day, we will coordinate a Jean Drive (collection of any lightly used clothing) to donate to a homeless shelter in Chicago called Pacific Garden Mission. 

Leyden students will also wear red to demonstrate how important it is to give your service to anyone or anything as much as you can. For a fact, our Leyden Community doesn’t struggle to do this. 

Lastly, making sure everyone feels included, regardless of affiliation to a community, will be on Thursday for Inclusion Day. Our Best Buddies program collaborated with the Student Council for this day to have a chance in selling club merchandise during lunch periods. 

Their message for Thursday is “to have students wear black (blackout) to block out the ‘R’ word” since Leyden works with an amazing special ed group. 

The Leyden community is full of diversity all around and We Are Week is all about being able to celebrate everyone’s unique way of expressing themselves.