Girl’s Soccer Open Gym

Soccer season is almost coming up and to be prepared for the season there’s a girls open gym this month.

The open gym is taking place at the dome in Rosemont. It started in January and is going through February twice a week, to help the girls get ready for tryouts on March 3rd. Here are the dates for February:

This open gym is a great opportunity for girls trying out for soccer because it helps you get conditioned and get ready for tryouts. The varsity coach, Coach Schiemman mentions how open gym helps the girls “improve on their skills and play with their future teammates, getting touches on the ball, and overall just getting into shape”. He also mentions that it’s good to play in the open gym because “you need to run and get the endurance up to be ready for the season”.

Open gym is also a fun way to make new friends and be challenged, a senior, Andrea Diaz says that she enjoys going to open gym because it will help her prepare for the upcoming season and she gets to spend time with her friends doing the sport she loves.

She also goes to open gym to become a better player. She mentions how, “there’s a lot of players who are very talented and it makes me want to challenge myself and push myself to be as good as them or better”.

“If you play soccer go for fun even if you don’t play try it out because it’s all fun and games at the end of the day”.