Reverse Proposal

As February kicks in, it’s that time of the month, where girls take the lead and step up to plan “The Ask”. 

Turnabout in West Leyden is typically held February on a Friday night and has been going on for about 5 or 6 years. 

Stacy Cunningham, one of the sponsors for turnabout, states that it all started because of a “twitter suggestion about bringing back the turnabout dance that was happening for years and then it wasn’t happening.”

Turnabout is essentially the same thing as a Homecoming dance but with a minor change. Homecoming, the guy typically asks the girl. For Turnabout, the girl asks the guy. 

“I think it’s pretty cool, because we get to switch it up so that the guys wouldn’t have to do everything all the time.” Said Julissa Diaz, a senior who is planning to attend the dance. 

Another student at West Leyden, Andrea Diaz, mentions how “it’s nerve-wracking because it’s something different, and it’s not something that you see in high school, but it is fun since it helps you get out of your comfort zone, and it helps you try new things.

Turnabout is another name for a Sadie Hawkins’ dance, where a girl is supposed to “turnabout” the norms of a school dance, ask a guy, and pay for all the expenses of the night. These dances grew extremely popular in schools across the nation. 

Branden Garcia, a senior at West Leyden, has gotten asked by his girlfriend, “I got embarrassed at first because I’m usually used to being the one asking, but it was something different, something new.

There are many different ways on how girls ask the guys, but one common way is through posters, and base it off on what the guy likes.

“He plays soccer, so I did a poster related to soccer, and I’m going to buy a soccer ball and do something cute with it.” Said Julissa Diaz. 

So girls are up for that challenge?