A Churro Waffle? It May be Better Than you Think!

Have you ever wondered how delicious it would be to have a churro and a waffle combined? Then the churro waffle is the place for you, located at 2845 W Irving Park Road.

I personally had never heard of this hidden gem, until I was watching the news and saw that it was re-opening because last year the mall strip that the restaurant was in had set on fire. The way that the news reporter described it made me want to try and see if it was actually good.

When you first arrived at the restaurant you are greeted by the host. I was right away seated and the atmosphere was delightful and very welcoming. I was actually quite surprised that I was seated fast since it was Saturday in the morning when I went, and in the past when I have gone out to eat for breakfast there are always a lot of people waiting to be seated. The waiter that attended me and my family was very nice and friendly and answered any of our questions that we had about the food on the menu.

Obviously, before I entered the restaurant I knew what I was going to get which was the churro waffle, the wait for my food was not long. Before I knew it the waiter brought to me my churro waffle, they give you 4 churro waffles with cinnamon, sugar, caramel sauce, and one scoop of sea salt caramel ice cream.

The minute the first piece of waffle went in my mouth I fell in love, my taste buds were going crazy. The sweet and salty combination was so good and the waffle itself is something that I had never tasted before, also the warm and cold combination was a very good mix and I thought it went well together. There are no words that can come out to explain how good it was.

Overall, this dish was splendid and I would rate it a 10/10, but if your the type of person that doesn’t have a sweet tooth then I would not recommend this dish to you because it is certainly very sweet.