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As students are finishing up their college applications they are met with more stress, which is scholarships. These local scholarships are only given to students at the East and West campus, students have until February 18th at exactly 3 pm to give their application to the student services department.  


Leyden does a great job at promoting scholarships for the students from sending information through emails and having it announced in the announcements and also sending out a booklet to all the seniors at the beginning of the school year. All the resources are there for the students, It is up to them how they use it and if they use it. 

 There are over 25 scholarships that students can choose from. If you are interested in the education field then there is the “Illinois Federation of Teachers, Local 571: Leyden Council Scholarship for Future Educators”, if you are interested in the culinary field then there is the “Berger: West Leyden Advanced Catering Scholarship”. Students are also not limited to applying to scholarships. 


Students like Lisa Beltran have been quite stressed during this process “ The most stressful part is the essays that they are asking  for, it’s just like applying to colleges.” Students know that although they can be facing hardships with applying to scholarships, it will be worth it at the end.



Students yearly apply to around 7 scholarships and they can get awarded maybe 2 or 3 of the ones that they applied to. Although it can be hard to know the exact amount of money a student can get since it varies each year. Counselor Miss Ortega had this to say about the amount of money students get “ We’ve seen anywhere from, maybe the  $500 range all the way to the $3,000 range for students that qualify for it.” 


Scholarships are something great and every student should apply because it is a great way of getting through college without suffering financially.