New Local Nail Technician on the Rise

As you walk in what might seem like and ordinary room the smell of nail polish diffuses into the air and transforms into a nail salon.

Business woman Melissa Trujillo started her own nail service over a year ago. Starting small by doing family and friends nails she decided that she wanted to expand her clientele.

“I remember always going with my mom to go get her nails done and observing her nail technician and was so mesmerized by it,” said Trujillo.

Melissa worked part-time in a manufacturing, but she continued to practice perfecting different nail techniques and watching instructional youtube videos. It wasn’t until years had passed while working this job, that she realized that being a nail technician is a career she wanted to pursue.

“I think it’s something that I always had in the back of my mind, I just didn’t think I had it in me” recalled Trujillo.

It wasn’t until last year, that she decided to make this dream a reality. Having two children, working from home was ideal for someone balancing their business along with being a mother.

“After I was pregnant with my second baby I really knew that I had to do something for myself and for my family” recalled Trujillo.

One aspect that has helped her grow her business is using social media. She has expanded her clientele into nearby communities and booking future clients via instagram.


Leyden student Monica Wisniewski heard about Melissa’s nail salon through her instagram page, “

Going with Mel was so different than any other salon I’ve been to , I’ve never had an amazing experience until I went to her, she really took the time and effort to do my nails & made sure I had the best service”

Mel hopes to expand her business and move into a space outside her house soon growing as an entrepreneur: “You just have to keep on pushing forward because you’ll be surprised at the outcome you’ll have”.