Call Them Before The Deans Call You!

Peer mediators. Who are they exactly? Well, have you ever found yourself in a conflict with someone or even yourself, and wanted to talk the issue through with a person closer to your age? A person closer to your experiences They’re the ones who can help. 

At Leyden there is a group of students, classmates who listen to the conflict and give meaningful advice on how to come up with the best solution.

Current peer mediator, Daniel Lechuga (sophomore) begins by telling us that peer mediators are “an invite-only group that works directly with the dean’s office to reduce student conflict.”

The way mediators are selected is when the current ones select students to be interviewed, and then the larger group votes on who to admit. What many of us don’t know is, there is a lot of training that goes on behind the scenes that our peer mediators go through. They meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss and train potential conflicts so they are best prepared for any occasion.

How can peer mediation help you? Well, studies show that through peer mediation, students learn that communication rather than some other type of behavior, or physical retaliation can be used to deal with their problems. (You need to cite the study)

By having a meeting with a mediator they are able to help with resolving conflict. It creates more time for learning and it also decreases the suspension rates, meaning students will be spending more time in the classrooms. 

Leyden peer mediator Jakub Drwal (junior), says “I really enjoy being part of an amazing group of mediators who help our fellow classmates resolve their conflicts. It always gives them one less thing to worry about, and I am all about being an active listener and giving my best advice to those who want it.”


It’s great to see our school offers help from peer mediators to come up with the best peaceful resolutions. If interested in scheduling a meeting with any of the mediators please visit Student Services. And with any other questions regarding this please contact Mr.Trousdale. ([email protected])