Leyden Fights for a Secure Future

Tucked away in the main hall, the West Leyden TSI room held a fairly unknown competition last Friday. The CyberPatriot hacking competition, sponsored by the U.S. Air Force and Department of Homeland Security, found three competitors from West Leyden for its 12th season of the competition. 

Nancy Miramontes – left to right (Jonah Bas, Dominik Skorynko, Jesus Carranza, Johnathan Cloud )

TSI teacher, Johnathan Cloud, supervises these students in their journey through Cyber Security. He gave some more information as to what CyberPatriot is about. 

“CyberPatriot is a national competition sponsored by the Air Force that is intended to help students with cybersecurity. While Cyber Patriot is the organization that puts it on, each individual school hosts their own teams that participate remotely.”

This is Leyden’s first attempt at the CyberPatriot competition, but some of the participants have been around the block before.

TSI members and tech aficionados, Jesus Carranza, Dominik Skorynko, and Jonah Bas, have engaged in other previous competitions both with CyberPatriot and with more broad computer and coding topics.

“CyberPatriot allowed me to put the skills that I learned to use and see how well I can perform my job in the real world. It also showed me what the tasks and objectives are in this industry on a daily basis. It was truly enlightening and pleasantly stressful, but so worth it”, Jesus said. 

Dominik Skorynko – in the photo (Jonah Bas)

“Being in this contest really helped me learn more about the operating system Linux, which is one of the main reasons why I wanted to participate” Jonah states.

“It helped me learn how to secure programs in it and taught me that it is a difficult program to work with, but works well when it does. I wanted to get more into cybersecurity and this really played well into my interests.”

The three are now currently waiting to see their standings in the previous session before they can move on to the state competition. Until then, next time you head to TSI, be on the lookout for these hackers at work, typing towards a national victory.


Update: The trio grabbed the 28th spot out of 78 teams in Illinois, the state competition will start Dec. 6th.