The Hard Road to Competition Season

Football season is over, meaning it’s now time for our cheerleading team to start preparing for competition season. Since the recent addition, the cheerleading team has increased their level of difficulty to be able to compete against other squads. With these increases in skill comes a lot more practice.

Head captain Kimberly Celis believes competition season will bring out more challenges than the football season.

“Comp requires a lot more commitment and determination because we’re constantly going full out on the routines & having practices that can last until 8:00”’

All of the girls are giving 110% on the mats, and by observing one of their practices one can see all the hard work these girls put into the routine. If a stunt falls they run laps and do the same routine consecutively until they get it right. 

One of the biggest struggles they’ve had to face this year is going co-ed, which allows the boys to compete in the cheerleading competition. Being co-ed means the cheer team would have to work much harder than they did before because Co-Ed is very competitive.

 According to Angel Lopez, one of the male members of the cheerleading team, “Being a guy on the team requires a lot of strength. We have to pick up a girl all by ourselves to get to a full [cheerleading move], not a lot of people realize that cheerleading requires a lot more athleticism than it looks”. 

The team still has a long way to go before they’re fully prepared for competition but the motivation and passion they have can hopefully lead them to state championships. Their first competition is December 8th in Lincoln way highschool, Leyden will wait for them to bring back the #1 trophy.