A Makeup Passion

Starting at the age of fourteen Emily Brundage, a senior at East Leyden Highschool, grew a passion for makeup. Not only does she do makeup on herself but she does makeup on other people.

Makeup is what people make of it and has different meanings to different people.

“Beauty is really important and being confident is also very important. Growing up I wasn’t very confident but makeup has helped me with that.” Said Emily.

Emily started by doing makeup on other girls in the orchesis team that didn’t know how to do their own makeup. 

“At first it was really hard, but practice really does make perfect.”

Although she wasn’t confident about how the look turned out for the girls on her team, Heidi Mazon, a senior at West Leyden Highschool, loved it.

“I really loved how she did my makeup. She’s like one of the few people that I will let do my makeup because of the way she did my eyeshadow and puts on highlight. She’s very calm and like you can tell she’s very passionate about makeup.” Heidi included. 

One of Emily’s techniques for staying on top of the latest trends is social media.

“Snapchat stories about beauty hacks really helped me, also watching YouTubers as well. Overall just social media really helps.” Emily said. 

Popular makeup artist, James Charles, also really inspired Emily. She learned how to blend, apply, and incorporate makeup because of him. 

Today, makeup is developed for practically every application people can think of from making eyes pop with eyeshadow palettes to hiding undesirable pores.  

“Eyeshadow has the be my favorite, I just love how you can experiment in many different ways, come up with your own artwork, and the way you can make any colors work together.” Emily states. 

Emily hopes to keep getting better by practicing, and soon hopes she can get more clients to work with. 

“I recently made an Instagram and I hope to grow on social media. I will keep learning more techniques along the way.” said Emily.